Web development

There is no overstating of how important correct website development is. With projects spanning on 20+ different niches and 5 years in designing and creating light & functional websites, FS Media Marketing is here to build or enhance your company’s site.

What we offer

  • Website creation, redesigning and advanced customization.
  • Web app building & implementation.
  • Expert programming consulting.

What we specialize in:

  1. Mobile friendly design. The world is mobile as 60% percent of all users now browse the internet through their smartphones or tablets. We create custom themes or work with existing responsive designs based on your preference.
  2. Fast websites. By effectively using functional programming we can create a light website that allows for extremely fast site load times.
  3. Real-time & progressive web apps: Users love easily navigatable sites and web apps are a trend that is here to stay. Rely on us to create your personalized & reliable mobile app and benefit from increased user engagement.
  4. Advanced UX through material design: Material design is based on Google’s material design language and provides advanced responsive components such as Parallax and Toast. Our development team will create a website that is compatible with all modern browsers and is guaranteed to score high in user experience rates.

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