Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, is one of the most common digital marketing practices for increasing your search engine traffic. FS Media Marketing specializes in SEO by following white hat tactics and abiding by Google’s best practices.

What we offer:

On-page SEO: Creating an SEO friendly website requires employing astute keyword usage, correct meta tags implementation and practices that increase your users’ engagement. Our skilled team of SEO experts and content writers have a proven record of increasing our partners’ organic traffic.
Off-page SEO: We possess an extensive network of partners that will enhance your brand’s awareness and search engine exposure by linking to your website. This can be modified on demand to include natural, manual and/or self-created linking.
Technical SEO: Enhanced indexability, correct website structuring and fast mobile-first designing are key ranking factors for every site in 2018. Our website development team specializes in creating a fast and responsive site for you, while our SEO webmasters take all the necessary step to improve its search engine visibility.

We also enhance your exposure through Search Engine Management:

Search Engine Management is used to increase website visibility on search engines through paid advertising. This increased visibility leads to more targeted traffic that directly converts on your website and offers insights that can increase your return on investment.

PPC campaigns: Pay per click campaigns involve buying exposure on search engine result pages. Our SEM team will refine the best converting keywords according to your website’s demands and work out the optimal budget.
PPC Optimization: Improving your click-through rate is necessary to drive more traffic to your site, especially on highly competitive niches. We know how to create an enticing and self-explanatory ad for your website that is guaranteed to attract more converting customers.
Landing page enhancement: By employing proven nudge strategies and A/B testing on existing and custom-built landing pages, we know how to turn your site’s visitors into goal-oriented leads.

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