Digital Marketing

Social Media 

Recent studies and results have shown that Social Media are steadily increasing their share in digital marketing, to the point that they now amount for 16% of global digital ad spending. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and every other social media you can think of, are diligently utilized by digital marketers, due to their incredibly high Return on Investment rate.

Getting a foothold on social media, is a delicate issue, as you have to follow a strict but flexible marketing strategy. We know how to make your product more appealing and create a trustful, friendly relationship with your customers. Through everyday user interaction and by linking your business with the latest trends, you can get the social presence you need to dominate your market. The age of Social Marketing is here. Be part of it.

Content Management

Think of digital marketing as your average neighborhood shop. You might be more inclined to enter one with an eye-catching display (SEO title), however you will only be satisfied if the employees manage to offer you exactly the product you need (content). Using the right content does not only help your customers find what they want, but is also a major factor in increasing your website’s credibility and visibility.

Our content management team monitors the market’s movement carefully and creates unique, engaging content that meets the needs of your company. It is our responsibility to update your content according to market shifts and make sure to separately target each consumer group you wish to promote your product to.

Media Buying

Promoting your product can’t simply happen by purchasing some ad space and hoping for the best. You have to know your target group and the media you will use to reach them. If you wish to penetrate the entirety of your market, you must use careful media planning & advanced media marketing strategies, while getting the best ROI out of your ad.

Our experience in media marketing has taught us one thing: You have to be versatile when it comes to media buying. This is why we offer the following solutions:

  • Media research. We accurately estimate your target group’s preferred media & the frequency of the ads
  • Cost Effective Direct Marketing media buying. We negotiate the best deals for procuring advertising space (social media, blogs, e-mail, tv, radio & website advertising)
  • Pick the right strategy. We set clear objectives as to how we will promote your product, according to your goals and budget.

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