Affiliate Management

In order to promote your brand through Affiliate Marketing, it is essential that you work closely with a respected affiliate network. This is sometimes easier said than done, as the most effective way of presenting the perfect image for your firm, is by finding a solid agency and striking the right deal with them. FS Media has lengthy experience in Affiliate Management and guarantees to offer the following key elements:

  • Established affiliate network. We operate an extensive network of affiliate channels & agencies, that are sure to increase your customer acquisition.
  • Dedicated affiliate manager. Your company is assigned with a personal affiliate manager responsible for organizing your own brand’s affiliations or any third party’s.
  • Affiliate platform consulting & handling. We offer valuable insights to the existing affiliate platforms and help you negotiate a better commission per referral for your company.
  • Affiliate console experience. We help organize and manage your affiliate interactions (referrals, deposits/purchases etc) thanks to our experience on affiliate consoles.